South Kitsap Wolves Lacrosse Club

Beginner's Camp.  Facilitated by the South Kitsap HS Wolves coaching staff and players.  This camp is the perfect opportunity to learn the basics lacrosse in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. 

Print out the sign up form and bring it on the first day of camp. 

Egg and Spoon Camp.  Facilitated by Washington State HS Championship winning coaches and collegiate players who excel at working with young players to develop their abilities.

Players will be introduced to skills that will build the foundation of a successful player.

Building camper’s confidence while improving on proficiency, in a fun and rewarding atmosphere.

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Select Grade Level (2015/2016 School Year)


While not yet a WIAA sanctioned school sport, Kitsap Wolves Lacrosse Club represents 9th-12th grade South Kitsap students in a statewide lacrosse organization.  We are now looking to expand our program to include youth teams.  Anyone that is interested in lacrosse is encouraged to participate.


If you like basketball, lacrosse offers zone and man-to-man defenses, fast breaks and set plays, and its basic offensive maneuver is the hoops staple, pass and screen away from the ball.

If you like soccer, lax has the precision passes and the ability to bring spectators to their feet with a goal -- except that fans find themselves on their feet 20 times a game.

If you like ice hockey, the action and even the terminology are much the same in lacrosse, from face-offs to man advantages to setups behind the net.

And if you like football, you get to put on a helmet and pads and hit somebody. (The difference, says former Syracuse coach Roy Simmons Jr., is that lax "is not 11 guys coming out of a huddle knowing what's about to happen. It's more imaginative and open.")

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