South Kitsap Lacrosse

Lacrosse, the fastest growing sport in the country, combines some of the best aspects of other sports into one sport, allowing players of all sizes and skill sets the ability to contribute. Similar to football, it requires speed, skill, stamina, desire, and great physical vigor.  Both sports demand highly developed team efforts. Like basketball and soccer, speed, maneuverability, and originality are prime requisites.

Due to the physical demands of the game, lacrosse is an excellent way to stay in shape for fall and winter sports seasons.

As parents discover that lacrosse is more exciting than soccer, cheaper than ice hockey and not as dangerous as football, the game is getting a closer look.  Scroll down the list of what ails youth sports, and in most cases lacrosse seems to offer an antidote.  Youth lax programs don't hesitate to switch players from position to position or do whatever else it takes to keep kids engaged without changing the essence of the game.

Lacrosse makes modest demands on a beginner.  at its simplest, lacrosse is shoveling, if you can scoop the ball off the ground and run, you don't even have to know how to cradle (the wrist action that enables a player to control the ball in his stick).  You can get a shot off before you lose the ball.  Moreover, at a time when kids feel pressure from coaches and parents to specialize in one sport, lacrosse has long encouraged the renaissance approach.  You'll never hear a soccer coach say, 'I want him to play lacrosse, too,' but all the time you'll hear lacrosse coaches say something like, 'You can see his toughness from playing football, or his awareness from playing basketball.'

Athletes are encouraged to practice year round to develop and maintain good stick skills.  There are several summer camps throughout the state as well as the indoor sessions hosted by KYLA in November and January.

Grades 9-12

South Kitsap High School now offers Boy's and Girl's Lacrosse as club sports.  The new turf field at SKHS is lined for lacrosse.

South Kitsap Wolves Lacrosse represents students in 9th - 12th grades from South Kitsap High School as well as nearby schools who don't have a lacrosse program. 

In Washington, 2-3 teams join the WHSBLA (Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association) every year.  This season there will be over 70 teams playing statewide at the high school level. 

Captain's Practices are held throughout the off season to build and maintain skills.

Grades 3-8  Go to for more information

Kitsap Youth Lacrosse ( is dedicated to building both boys and girls lacrosse teams for players in 3rd - 8th grades throughout the county and with players from Bremerton, Port Orchard, and Central Kitsap. For the first time in Kitsap County lacrosse, a 7/8 team will be fielded with all South Kitsap players.

Teams are divided into 3/4 grade, 5/6 grade, and 7/8 grade.

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